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Christmas 2014

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2013-12-19          188492

My main business has really been time demanding this summer and fall but is getting more normal now and allowing me some time to think on Christmas and Christmases past.

We all experience similar events in life so want to share some thoughts with you:
FYI I am a 60 year old granddaddy who is blessed with great children, sons in law and four grands from 2 months to 10 years. It is a blessing to sit and watch them as they perform in a Christmas Program and as you see the excitement in their eyes. It is now harder to think of what my wife wants as in my eyes she is as I am have all our needs and most of our wants.
It is my desire to find what she would cherish. It is fun to try and solve that mission.
I also find myself thinking back to those who did share Christmas with and now miss them. Still have some of the box of shotgun shells my Daddy gave me his last Christmas 44 years ago and wonder how important any one gift may be or become.

I could go on and on have set the stage for where i want to:
take time to think of those you love and who love you. Share your heart with them as you give them the best gift you can, your heart and time. Reflect on the blessings you have had in life and appreciate them but more so the ones yet to come.

Reflect on the reason there is even a Christmas and how your relationship is with the Christ.

In doing so want to thank each of you at TP and yes I do think on some no long here; all being a blessing to me. Many of you have made me laugh, helped me out in a decision, helped me make a wise decision. For all of that I thank you and look forward to more.

My God Bless each of you and your family and MERRY CHRISTMAS my TP friends.

Kenneth T

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Christmas 2014

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2014-01-08          188615


Somehow I missed this post from last month. Very glad I read your thoughts.

My kids either about to enter college or half way through now so I don't get to see the little ones around the tree.

For my wife and two kids we have come full circle on Xmas gifting, so now we don't do it at all. Instead it is a day for family and retail shopping no longer has a place in that day for us.

That said you sentiments were heart felt.... and made me think of my childhood days.

Thanks for that Ken!

Dennis ....

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