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Pequea chipper do not buy

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2009-04-11          161947

If any of you know Pequea, you know they have a great reputation for making trailers, second to none. I have 2 myself and love them. They also make some farm implements. They decided one day to make chippers. Big mistake. They look like chippers but do not operate like one. I bought the best version they had, with variable speed hydraulic feed. I proceeded to sell my Morbark model 7, 6" chipper thinking a pto model would be easier. I should have known something was up when I was the 3rd buyer of a chipper that was in almost un-used condition and cost over $5000 new, for only $1500. It only took a few minutes to realize my mistake. Almost nothing would feed in. If it made it in, it chipped fine but it just would not pull anything in unless it was a pole. I was used to the morbark pulling nearly anything in. This one's feed wheel would just gouge out grooves in the branches but not feed them. The spings holding the morbark wheel down looked like those on a snowplow for tripping. The ones on the pequea could be unhooked by hand, better suited to close a screen door. Standing on top of the feed wheel helped a tiny bit buy not much. I loaded it on the truck and took it to the auction so the 4th owner could have a like new chipper. I couldn't sell it on ebay like I usually do because I could say nothing good about it. At a consignement sale there it sits for whoever bids, caveat emptor. I feel bad but I am not getting stuck with scrap metal because pequea failed to do R and D. I would bet it will end up back a sale very soon. I went to my local dealer to warn him but he seemed to already know. He said he had a used non hydraulic feed on the lot and he tried it but said he had to force the stuff in and was not satisfied with the performance. My advice is buy a real chipper brand or test it out thoroughly first. I honestly feel a china chipper would have performed better but I will never buy one.

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Pequea chipper do not buy

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2009-04-11          161949

Sorry to hear that, but thanks for warning everyone. The feed is the most problematic area on the Jinma chippers too. I gotta say the $9k I spent on a used 85hp tow behind bandit chipper was some of the best money I've ever spent. It flat out works. ....

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Pequea chipper do not buy

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2013-04-19          186772

Wish I had looked at this before I bought a Pequea chipper.
My observations on the machine I have:

Nominal 5" size three point hitch hydraulic feed

The machine feed, as mentioned is not very good.
The discharge chute is very prone to plugging. It's cross section area is much larger than the blower outlet. I figure that the air flow slows right down when it enters the chute and the chips just hang there. I made a smaller cross section chute to solve the problem when I got not help from Pequea.
The hydraulic safety valve control leaver was made so that it bound against the chute plate and broke the connection pin. I fixed that.

The rotor is fastened to the main shaft with a taper lock bushing system. The factory had not tightened the bushing. The rotor walked on the shaft till the knives contacted the cutting anvil. Pequea sent me a new set of knives and anvil.
No offer of compensation for my time trouble shooting and fixing

The frame welding at the point where the top link connects had minimal penetration. The weld broke. The dealer fixed it but the welder was not at all skilled so the job looks terrible.
So, within months of purchase, the machine looks like its been to war and only works poorly


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