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Kubota B7610 HST - Changing Out Hydraulic Fluid

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2007-08-26          145031

I need some words from those who have changed out their hydraulic fluid. Just found that my transmission breather element / cap fell off and the vent hole was open and exposed to much dust and dirt. Am concerned about trashing my hydraulic pump and want to get the fluid & filter changed out ASAP. I'd have the dealer do it but getting my machine to their shop is very difficult (timing & practicality vs trying to save $).

Can someone offer me some "how-tos" and "watch-our-fors" info such as ensuring to prime the pump before running etc?

Thanks much. bobbyb

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Kubota B7610 HST - Changing Out Hydraulic Fluid

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2007-08-26          145039


Follow the fluid changing procedures in your tractor's manual. Replace ALL of the filters, screens, and fluid.

Run the tractor normally for a few hours, and then change the filters again. The fluid will not have to be changed a second time.

I subscribe to the Hydraulics Newsletter. It's a free monthly publication that arrives in my email inbox. I'll post a message I received a few weeks back.


Hi Joel,

Thank you for confirming your subscription to
my 'Inside Hydraulics' newsletter.

The next issue will arrive in your inbox
during the first week of the month.

In the meantime, here's four tips for you
to get the most out of THE most important component
of every hydraulic system - the oil:

1. Don't change the oil - filter it.

Water or particle contamination rarely necessitates an oil change - unless the contamination has resulted in additive depletion or base oil degradation. These contaminants can be removed from hydraulic fluid by filtration.

2. Eliminate particle contamination to reduce breakdowns...

Research has shown that maintaining fluid cleanliness at ISO 4406 16/14/11 will result in a tenfold increase in the average time between breakdowns when compared with a fluid cleanliness level of 24/22/19. This is based on the findings of a three-year study of 117 mobile and industrial hydraulic machines to determine the
correlation between fluid cleanliness and breakdown frequency.

3. ...And extend fluid life.

Particle contamination reduces the service life of hydraulic oil by stripping additives and promoting oxidation. Additives attach to particles, which are then removed by the filters or settle to the bottom of the reservoir. Wear metal caused by particle abrasion is a catalyst for fluid oxidation.

4. Keep it cool.

Elevated operating temperatures increase the rate at which the oil oxidizes and this decreases its service life. By-products of the oil oxidation process - varnish and sludge, can cause reliability issues such as valve spool stiction and filter clogging.

For more on these and many more hydraulic maintenance tips, point your browser to: (See link posted below)



Link:   Free Hydraulics Newsletter

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