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Double duty prayers

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2007-06-15          142973

Your prayers for our son Steve have also helped another member of our family. We got a call yesterday afternoon that our oldest Grand Daughter, (16), was involved in a traffic accident while riding her bicycle on the sidewalk along the street. A lady ran a stop sign at a high rate of speed "T Boneed" a pickup going thru the intersection dead center on the drivers door. The force of the impact threw the pickup onto the sidewalk where Jenny was riding her bike. The pickup struck Jenny and the bike throwing her about 15ft. onto a lawn, her bike ended up under the pickup as it landed on it's side on the lawn. By a miracle of God she suffered only minor cuts and bruses and walked on to band practice. The Fire Dept. used the jaws of life to extract the lady from her car and the man from his pickup, they we barely clinging to life. The police extimated that the lady had to be going a minimum of fifty MPH when she hit the pickup to throw a full size truck that far. We are so thankful for Jennys escape and also hope for the best for the others involved. Frank.

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Double duty prayers

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2007-06-15          142974

Frank, let's hope that the "bad things come in threes" myth is not true. If it is I hope the third is no worse than the second for you guys. We'll continue the prayers and please keep us posted. ....

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