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Grand L 30 series vs 60 series

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2014-03-08          189492

I currently have a Kubota L4330 HSTC with 275 hours on it. I primarily use it for moving snow and baling hay. Is there enough difference or improvement in the Grand L 60 series to justify trading up or should I stay with my current tractor?

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Grand L 30 series vs 60 series

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2014-03-08          189494


My son just purchased 10 acres of rural property with a house, barn, sheds, and about 600 feet of gravel driveway to maintain. He's been looking at the new Kubota tractors, and he has his eye on the new L60 series.

Kubota developed the HST-Plus hydro transmission for the L40 Grand series tractors. It's a very nice system, with many labor saving features. The new L60 series replaces the L40 Grand series tractors, and the new L60 series has even more features available.

Kubota developed a fully automatic 4-point hitch system for the L60 tractors. You can drive up to your front mounted attachments and connect without leaving the cab. The front mounted snowblower can be attached from the operator's seat in less than 5 seconds. The PTO and all hydraulic connections are made from the driver's seat, completely out of the weather, while sitting in Kubota's fancy new cab.

Kubota also introduced a fully automatic flail mower that utilizes the automatic hitch system.

The new L60 series will do more than compete with the skidsteer lineups currently available. skidsteer tractors have always had the edge when it came to switching out implements in a hurry....but they lack severely when it comes to operator vision.

Skidsteer tractors sit low to the ground, and are surrounded by a cage on three sides, making operator visibility difficult, at best. These shortcomings have been addressed in the new L60 series. The operator sits high above the implements being used, and the new cab offers superb visibility all around. The new 4-point automatic hitch provides faster implement changes than even a skidsteer tractor can offer.

All of these features come at a steep price. The 4-point front mounted auto hitch is nearly 8000 dollars. Equipping an implement with the matching 4-point hookups will run another 1800 bucks.

For the commercial operator, the ability to switch out implements in a hurry will be a great selling point. For those who currently run skidsteer tractors, the new L60 series cab will provide far more visibility, comfort, safety, and production.

I don't know if you could justify the cost of the new L60 for what you do, but it wouldn't hurt to stop by your dealer and take that HST-plus transmission out for a test drive. I'm sure you'd like it......maybe even enough to spring for one?

Joel ....

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