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new kioti

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james mills
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2001-05-31          28837

hello, i am new to this j plan discussion forum. I have been reading here for last three weeks while getting ready to buy. So i did it, i bought a used kioti lk 3054 and metavik loader trailer originaly packaged by les distributers payeuer. this means my tractor has extra rops and fops plus skid plates and i have a metavik log loader trailer that, at least on first use is quite valuable. I went out today and took some practice on a small pile of logs to learn how to use the loader. One log was a 33 inch ugly oak and i moved it easily after finding the center for lifting, and pumping the rpm's to 2500. all of the rest of the pile were easily moved. the kioti was fine. i say hello and look forward to communication.

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new kioti

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2001-06-01          28851

First of all, congrats on the new machine. The Kioti is not a bad tractor from what I have seen of them, they have not really been in Canada long enough to have a 'track record' here yet. However, in the course of my business (building golf courses) we do a lot of work throughout the Caribbean Islands and they have had Kioti's there for some time now, while they are not quite as good as the major brands, they are excellent value. As with most Asian brands they have a lot of experience with compact brands since what we think of as a 'compact' tractor is to them a 'full-size' machine. In fact it is a similar situation with many of the Italian manufacturers. To someone from the Mediterranean or Asia, 3 to 5 acres is a farm, not a backyard. Happy logging and be CAREFUL!! Best of luck. ....

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