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How To Stop Wet Snow Clogging Snowblower Chute

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Join Date: Feb 2021
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2021-02-09          200017

When snow is dry it really does not matter most of the time.

But when the snow is sticky clogging is a pain. For years I kept the stupid stone guard on my blower. Then I finally noticed all the walk behind blowers never have them.

Removed it and wow what difference.

But still really sticky snow is an issue.

I have sprayed with Silcone spray mostly, and recently tried WD40 Teflon Dry Spray. I would have to say the the WD40 Teflon Dry spray was better than the Silcone.

I have seen much more expensive Snowblower Spray has anyone used it? Is it any different?

I saw a video where I guy rolled Vegetable Oil and that worked! He probably has some happy mice in his garage now that love him :-(

How do you solve your blower clogging problem?

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How To Stop Wet Snow Clogging Snowblower Chute

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Join Date: Dec 1999
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2021-02-09          200018

I can relate to your issue Bob, we are in the lee of the Great Lakes get our fair share of heavy wet snow here too.

We use a variety of methods, who knows which one is best but I've always been a 'belt & suspenders' kinda guy. LOL

First, spray, It works well and for a homeowner probably the best that I've found is Pam non-stick kitchen spray. Apply it to a totally clean dry blower well in advance of snow. For a more commercial or serious application, Fluid Film spray, a little spendy but very much worth it. This is stuff we farmers use to coat things like combines. Top drawer stuff.

Spray is only a temporary band-aid kind of fix though. For a long-term fix the blower needs some mods. The rubber on the impeller is a night & day difference mod. Snow can't stick when it's exiting at a very high speed. I didn't believe in it much until I watched a demo by a local guy that used to have quite a business selling the kits. He ran a walk-behind unit with his kit on it into a puddle of water. The water shot 25' out of the blower. Then he ran the same but stock blower into the puddle, nothing but a little spit.

Blowers tend to get ignored once the sun comes out and temps start to rise. That's the time to clean them up and be sure there's no 'snags' and that the inside is all smooth painted surfaces.

Best of luck. ....

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