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New Member need some advice

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2020-09-15          199693

I live atop Lookout Mountain in Northern Alabama on 13 acres; nothing level about my property. I have two NH Boomers, TC33D and a TC40D. I want to install wheel spacers on both to stabilize them a little better on sloping ground. Im thinking 2 spacers on them; is that enough or too much? Also, should I put them on the front wheels as well? Will the spacers mess up the steering geometry in any way; both are 4 wheel drive? Where would you recommend I purchase the spacers? Need input please!

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Please Welcome 2Boomers to Tractorpoint. From: Gadsden, Alabama. pc

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2020-09-16          199694

You don't mention what if any ballast you already have.

For increased stability (and traction on hills) IMHO you would be better served with ballast than width. As an example on a 60" wide machine 2" per side would give you a 6.66% increase in width. The key to adding ballast to the rear tires is that the liquid is always as low as possible thus lowering your C. of G. (Center of Gravity).

As a caution however, adding wheel spacers dramatically increases the load on the hub & wheel and dramatically increases the chances of failures of those two parts.

Best of luck. ....

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