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How to configure a stone crushing plant


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2020-05-08          199136

Gravel aggregate production line is a special production equipment for building stones and road paving stones. The main aggregate mining equipment used in the quarry production line are jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating feeder, vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and other equipment.
Aggregate Production Line Process

1. Raw materials are transported to jaw crusher through vibrating feeder for primary crushing; then jaw crusher will crush the sand and stone entering the crushing chamber, and then discharge them from the discharge port;

2. The stone from the discharge outlet of jaw crusher will be transported to the next section of impact crusher through belt conveyor for further crushing; the impact crusher will carry out secondary shaping processing for sand and stone, and the stone will be discharged from the discharge outlet;

3. After the secondary treatment, the stone is transported to the vibrating screen, which classifies the size of the stone according to its classification principle;

4. The cleaned stone is transported to the sand washing machine through the conveyor and washed by the high-speed rotating water to clean the impurities on the stone surface.

Advantages of Production Line

1. High efficiency - the whole sand aggregate production line mode has a high degree of automation, no need for extra manpower, which improves the sand production efficiency.

2. Good finished products - the size of stone produced by the whole set of vegetable market equipment is uniform, and the proportion of finished stone is more than 98.9%.

3. High efficiency - the production line equipment configuration is free and flexible, and the production efficiency is increased by about 50% compared with the traditional production line.

4. Less failures - on the one hand, due to the good equipment configuration of the production line, on the other hand, it improves the utilization rate of each equipment, reduces the probability of equipment failure, and reduces the downtime of the production line.

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How to configure a stone crushing plant


Join Date: Apr 2020
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2020-05-13          199140

Stone crushing plant has been successfully applied to the crushing and processing of limestone, basalt, granite, pebble and other rocks. The crushed products provide qualified aggregate for industries such as high road, railway, water conservancy, concrete mixing station, etc. The whole set of stone crushing plant has the characteristics of reliable performance, reasonable design, convenient operation and high working efficiency.

Common stone crushing plants are equipped with feeding equipment (vibrating feeder), crushing equipment (jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher and other main crushing equipment), screening equipment (vibrating screen), etc. each equipment is connected by conveyor to form a complete small environmental stone crushing production line. Here are several crushing production lines Specific equipment.

1. The main equipment for crushing medium and hard boulders is: vibrating feeder + small jaw crusher + small cone crusher or small impact crusher + vibrating screen.

2. In order to save the user's cost and improve the operation efficiency, one-time forming equipment is generally available for crushing medium soft stone. The main equipment is: vibrating feeder + small hammer type stone crusher + vibrating screen.

performance characteristics of stone quarry crusher plant

1. The quarry cruser plant is highly automated. Except for the start-up, shutdown and daily maintenance of the equipment, the complete production line almost does not need manual operation.

2. It has high production efficiency, low operation cost, large output and high income. The finished stone has uniform particle size and good shape, which meets the national high-speed material requirements.

3. Due to the reasonable matching of all levels of macadam equipment and strict spatial cross layout, it has the characteristics of small floor area, high investment and economic benefits, good quality of macadam and low output rate of stone powder.

4. Reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving.


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How to configure a stone crushing plant


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2020-05-15          199160

Just wondering, how is this powered? Second how many tons can it process per day? Also can you give us the base price in the United States? Just wondering how many here can benefit by buying one. ....

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