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John Deere Tractors

JD 755 Crawler

2019-09-30 00:00:00 198755  Harleywood1
Howdy all. I am new to the board as well as Yellow iron ownership. I just purchased a JD755 Crawler Laoder to do some work around my place. (Digging a Pond and building a house pad along with clearing trees) I have owned many compact tractors and the like but never any " big equipment" I was hoping maybe I could get some advice on dos and don'ts More specifically as the owner of a used machine what should I do prior to running her hard?
Where do all of the oils and lubes go?
When and how often to change fluids?
and adjustments other than tracks I would need to know?

I know this is a little vauge but I was hoping to get input from some veterans on the matter. Thanks in Advance!
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JD 755 Crawler
2020-04-14 00:00:00 199079  DennisCTB | 29 Pix
Lubricate Lubricate Lubricate ...

But you will need to narrow your questions as it could take a book to reply other wise :-( ....
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