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Ford Tractor PTO

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2019-09-28          198749

Yesterday 05:35 PM - permalink
I need Help. I broke my PTO shaft the one inside the tractor on a 800 Ford Diesel. I ordered a new one but I was unable to get it to fit in, it seamed like the splines would not line up. I also have a 2000 ford gas I removed the shaft from it and put it in the 800 it fit, tried the one I ordered in the 2000 it would not fit. I sent it back and ordered one from another company. It arrived , tried it in the 2000 wouldn't fit. The 800 is running fine with the shaft from the 2000. The Part Number I ordered is NCA700-38. I need one that fits for the 2000. Any Ideas

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Ford Tractor PTO

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2019-10-07          198780

It would seem somehow you are not getting a correct part number to where you are buying. Not trying to offend. I have a Volvo that the parts book which came with the machine list shafts for the bucket on more than one page and did not realize that and ordered off of wrong page.

Have you visually compared the two shafts? If so can you tell the difference? Do you know what the difference is? Still my recommendation is to take the wrong shaft and your broken shaft to a New Holland dealer or a good tractor garage may be a good option and show them what you are getting and then what you need.

Hard to believe there are two different options in PTO shafts for those tractors.

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