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431 hyd problem- HELP

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2016-06-27          195396

Massey 431 problem with remote setup

My tractor did not have remotes when I had a mechanic install remotes using after mkt kit. It worked ok but the spindle was constantly leaking.

A second mechanic suggested another spindle and that is when my problems started.

The original setup the spindle was installed on a square surface next to the right foot on the transmission housing. A simple lever directed fluid to the remotes. The lever isolated the 3 pt system from the remotes.

Now I have blown one hyd cylinder rebuilt it and blew it out again. After applying a slight pressure to the spindle it seems to run away. In other words it seems like an over pressure.

When installing the new rebuild I used small inputs to adjust for length and pin installation. No problems

When connected and a load was needed to lift one input and it blew a seal on the cylinder.

I have not connected gauges for pressure readings but I don't thing this is the problem.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Could it be a failed relief valve?

Could it be that when the lift arms were raised and I powered the cylinder I got the over pressure?

Do the systems remotes and 3 pt need to be run independently?

Does anybody know where I can go and see an illustration of the hydraulic system on the 431?

I'm not going to trust another mechanic until I understand the problem. It is just at my age I find it easier to let someone else do it.

Where I live we don't have Massey dealers and transporting it is over a hundred miles

Thanks- your thinking on this would be appreciated

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431 hyd problem- HELP

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2016-06-27          195399

it sounds like the add on is bypassing the relief valve somewhere.
that would account for the over pressure.
without a relief valve you can blow the pump or worse strip the gears that drive it. ....

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