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Cub Cadet 3185 fuel problem

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2016-05-24          195233

So I'm having a fuel issue. I've changed all the lines from fuel to vacuum. I can put had in the carb, and it will run until the fuel is gone. I can see the filter fill worth fuel but it seems like no fuel is going to the carb. Any thoughts would be a help.


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Cub Cadet 3185 fuel problem

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2016-05-25          195234

This might best be posted in Garden Tractors - Cub Cadet

None of these comments are specific to your machine...

- If you disconnect the fuel line at the carb, does fuel flow out? (Do you have a plugged fuel filter somewhere?)
-If you disconnect the fuel line under the tank, does fuel come out? (some tanks have a filter in the bottom)
- Is this the first time you've run the machine in a while (months)? If yes, then it's likely you have a gummed up carb from gas that's dried out and you'll need to disassemble the whole thing and clean all the nooks and crannies. I have a quart can of Gunk parts cleaner that's over 20 years old but takes care of this in fairly short order.
It will be of use to have a carb rebuild kit on hand in case you muck up any gaskets or the valve parts aren't reusable. You will need the make/model of the carb and/or the details of the engine make/model to buy it. From what I see on PartsTree, they aren't cheap...

- Is the fuel bowl(s) on the carb filling? Usually it's on the bottom, but I see from PartsTree that the bowls are on the sides of the carb. No easy way to check this if there isn't a bowl drain. If the bowls are not filling, the fuel inlet valve is probably stuck closed.
- Are the needle valves & metering holes plugged? Again, almost impossible to tell without disassembling the carb. You can try moving the needle valves out and back in (count turns!) and sometimes this is all it takes.

- Or do you have an air problem? I had an ant nest in my splitter engine between the air filter and the carb. I wouldn't have spotted it if I hadn't taken the whole filter assembly apart to get to the carb itself.

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