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Overfilled crankcase - Long 350

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2016-02-11          194512

I have been having a problem with the hydraulic fluid on the power steering of my Long 350. When replacing the starter I had to take off the power steering pump to get it out. Since then, whenever I start the tractor and let it run for a while, the fluid overflows from the reservoir and seems to be aerated. I have been looking for places that may indicate a leak but I cannot find a leak or if it may be sucking air.

Every time this happens I refill to the full level with fluid and try again.

The last trip to the ranch I went through the same drill again. I filled the reservoir and started it up, this time I saw oil coming out of the crankcase breather. I checked the crankcase dipstick and oil started flowing out of the dipstick hole which of course indicates that there was way to much fluid in the crankcase, I'm guessing it was between 1 and 2 quarts that overflowed.

I had checked the crankcase oil on the previous trip and it was at the full level, not overfilled.

When I had let as much drain out as would come out from the dipstick opening, I checked the water level in the radiator and it was full. I checked the diesel level and it was full (I had filled the tank on the previous trip to the ranch).

The oil that drained out of the crankcase, did not appear to have water in it, also the radiator was not low. I could not tell if there was diesel in it, since the new low sulfur diesel does not have the same diesel smell as the old diesel.

So a few questions,
1. Could the power steering fluid somehow drain into the crankcase? That is the only fluid that I have been adding.

2. How can I determine what might be in the crankcase oil; diesel, water or hydraulic fluid?

2. What could be causing the power steering reservoir to overflow.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Overfilled crankcase - Long 350

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2016-02-11          194513

The steering pump, like the hydraulic pump, has two shaft seals, one facing into the pump, and one facing into the engine. When either(or both) of these seals fail, the pump can suck air from the engine crankcase causing the steering fluid to foam, and/or transfer steering fluid into the engine. No real reason for this to occur just because you removed then re installed the pump, but that's where your symptoms lead. Loose hose clamps or a misplaced O ring on the suction side of the pump might allow some air ingress and cause foaming, but shouldn't cause the transfer. ....

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