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Draft control

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2015-08-31          193480

Hello Auerbach and all,
Draft control on a tractor usually uses the lower hole for mounting your top link of the 3 point hitch. If you have a mouldboard plow on the tractor it will keep plowing deeper
because of it's design. This will eventually spin the wheels or stall the tractor. Using the draft control, the lower arms are raised by the hydraulics to keep the plowing depth constant. Old tractors with draft control usually had a lever under the seat to activate the draft control then you used the 3 point hitch lever to set the depth. My new Kioti has 2 levers side by side for the 3 point hitch. One is the
position control lever the other the draft control lever.
My question is with the position control lever all the way lowered. If I raise up the draft control lever the lower arms raise up just as if the position control lever were raised. Is this how all of these tractors work?
I don't think a draft control function can be added to a tractor that does not have it.

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Draft control

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2015-09-02          193503

Don't know I can fully answer your questions but on my Kubota it has both draft and position. Years ago had experience with older Ford. But think the Kubota will be most like your Kioti. You use the position control to set the depth you want to use the plow at. Then you use the draft control to keep the plow at that setting as the ground raises and lowers. You use the position control to raise and lower the plow or blade or what ever.

My best suggestion for you is to put a plow on the tractor and get in a place to just try it at slow speed so you can feel and watch the action of the lift working as you plow. If your tractor has speed adjustment on the lift it can also affect the draft's operation.

Hope that helps. ....

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