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Important Events

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2013-08-07          187811

I have said for years the important things in life can be done tomorrow, allowing time to make wise decisions. It is the little squeaky wheel we must attend to right now that has no long term impact. However the problem is there comes a time there is no tomorrow. Either due to a health or relationship change and the most firm is the death of another or yourself.

All this came as major flash to life this past Saturday as friend and client lost his life and his two passengers in private plan crash about 3 miles from airport and about same from our house.

The thought is we all learn from our mistakes, only problem is some mistakes allow for no correction. A wiser man said once learn from others mistakes, it cost much less. Will add has less heartache also.

My I encourage each of us to think on those important things we think can be handled today, tomorrow or why not after vacation. We all have them.
Will tell my family I love them tomorrow. Will write the one away form home a note this weekend. Will take care of my will then at same time check on additional insurance. Will get my heart right with others and The Lord.
For each of us there is a time when there is no more time. We none know that moment. My Dad walked in our house on a Saturday evening and died of heart attach probably while still standing.

Learn from others, take care of the important things while there is time and opportunity. It will also give you freedom to live.

May God Bless each of us as we do so. KT

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Important Events

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2013-08-08          187816

Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend in a plane crash. The suddenness of death came to me this spring with the loss of one of my best friends in a motorcycle crash.
We need to learn to stay close to the ones we love every day, today could be theirs or our last day.

Frank. ....

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