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Massey 30B gear JAMMED Help

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2013-08-01          187775

Hello all,

My name is Scott and I'm new, so go easy! LOL. Anyway, I've got an old Massey 30B Industrial Tractor that gets hung in 1st gear from time to time. I 'm not very mechanically inclined so my buddy who lives next door usually comes and gets it unhung for me. Well he moved and its just me. I know its simple (it only took him about 3 min.) The problem is I cant see what Im doing. When i take the bolt out to get to where the tranny is I guess my mechanical stupidity kicks in and I cant really visualize what im supposed to be doing. It would help if someone can show me a link where the transmission is diagrammed so I can see what it looks like on the inside. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Massey 30B gear JAMMED Help

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2013-08-07          187812

Welcome to TP Scott. Normally we don't beat up newbies, wait till friends to do that. LOL

Not sure on that tractor but Massey use to have gear shift lever you could pull up just the littlest bit and it would come out of place preventing the shifting out of a gear. If that is what has happened with you and you have that transmission: two big ifs.

There is a plate the great shift lever is mounted in on top of the transmission. A few bolts hold it on. Clean around it but remove it. Look straight down to where the end of the lever would be. When in neutral there is slot where two slides come together. If they are not total in line then maybe with just a screw driver line them up. That should take it out of first and all gears. You are changing gears so the force needed for that.

Now if that is the problem, learn to not pull up on the gear shift knob when shifting. You may find the pin the lever is on needs replacing due to wear allowing this.

You "may" be able to pull up on the gear shift lever and slowing keep trying to find the slot without removing the plate but that really is a shot in the dark.

KT ....

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