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LA 302 loader removal

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2013-07-08          187600

I have owned by B7510 for about 8 years and have never removed the loader. I want my son to start mowing, but want the loader off before he does. I followed the directions to remove it and one pin slid out with no problem. I cannot get the one closer to the loader controls out. I realize I should have been taking it off to mow all along - and will once I get it off the first time. Any thought on how to get it out? I have limited tools - and have tried various lubricants but to no avail. I also tried moving the tractor and taking the pressure off the loader in case it was not on level ground. I thought about trying to use a prybar, but noticed that the angle/leverage is off so that won't work as the force will push the pin against the hole rather than out of it.

Any ideas would be appreciated!

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LA 302 loader removal

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2013-07-09          187603

Anytime we have a problem removing a pin we follow these basic steps.

First apply lots and lots of lubricant there's no such thing as too much for this kind of work.

Next take a bit of time and using jack's prybar's or anything else you can come up with move the frame so that if there's visible movement the pain is centered as humanly possible.

Finally using a center punch and a hammer 2 pounds or bigger start tapping the center point of the pin and try to use the punch and hammer to drive the pin out. Just be sure not to hit it so much or so hard or in the wrong place that you mushroom the pin and wedge it in place.

It's usually a combination of the frame not lined up some dust and dirt dry grease or whatever with some rust in the whole binding it up and time loc. cit. in-place once you get it out be sure to use a wire brush like they give you for battery terminal cleaning to clean out the Boer and wire wheel the pin down as best as you can to prevent it in the future.

Best of luck.


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