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BX1850 intermittent cut-out

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2013-06-29          187540

I won't mention any names...but....every time I take mine in for any service - it always comes back with a new problem.

Had the steering problem. They replaced steering pump - but didn't repair the cylinder. Lasted about 10 days and problem returned. Took it back, and cylinder repaired. Since then, no steering problems. And, FULL maintenance done. All fluids, all filters.

But! Since i got it back it now cuts out intermittently at any RPM. Just sitting - its fine. Any movement, and it may or may not start acting up. The engine does not completely stall out - it just momentarily cuts out.

For some reason, I am thinking it is an electrical issue - safety switch, raw wire, loose wire, etc) - but 'electrical' is only a hunch.

I've tried leaving the hood open to view the cutoff - but of course, the danged thing won't do its number so I can see if the cutoff is being activated.

Any ideas? Suggestions?

(I've pretty much sworn off taking it back to any dealerships in the area. Just too many screwups...)

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BX1850 intermittent cut-out

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2013-07-02          187570

You maybe be right on the problem but to me an electrical issue will cut it off sometimes and not just stall it. I would look at the full service they did and be sure fuel filter is tight and not leaking air, nothing is in air system such as piece of plastic and being sucked over intake and then dropping off or trash in fuel tank. Check and be sure fuel does not have water in it. ....

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