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4 wd

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2011-10-28          181036

Thanx guys for your responses on 4 wd versus 2 wd tractor and plowing. For now I will keep my 39 hp 4 wd tractor and probably not trade it in unless I find larger hp tractor with 4 wd. My objective is over the next several years to plow under most of 10 acres that has not been plowed in 40 years and has tall weeds -quackgrass to turn over. For now I've plowed under about an acre with my 39 hp 4 wd tractor and by making multiple passes and going progressively deeper I'm making progress. I'm using a 3-point 2-14 plow but have just purchased a used JD 2-16 plow attached by drop hitch and not 3 point and with a hydraulic lift and am hoping that will enable me to plow easier and deeper.
Several other questions. Is it okay to leave my tractor in 4 wd drive most of the time ? I only use it about an hour a week and mainly for plowing or discing so I have left tractor in 4 wd almost all the time.
Also my fuel guage and hour meter stopped working about two weeks ago . I checked all the fuses they are okay ? Would fuel guage and hour meter be controlled by a fuse or a wire connection ? I'm concerned critter nesting under my hood might dislodge or chew on wires but I'll deal with him soon. Thanx again-Peter

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4 wd

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2011-10-28          181037

You should be fine to leave it in four wheel drive as long as you are not on firm ground such as pavement. The front wheels are design to slip as they turn faster than the rear and if you get in surface that is hard it places load on the front drive train.

As to the pest and gauges...yep. Probably cut wire and maybe blown fuse. Mice will get in the worst of places. Depending on your air intake they will also clog those. I think you will find the new plows harder to pull. However might for some plows are just easier to put the angle of the wings and such. ....

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