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john deere vs kuubota

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2011-10-20          180961

I need some advice. I am down to a 1993 jd 5400 with 1300 hours or a 2007 kubota m 5040dt with 650 hours. The jd is 1000 pounds more steel but been maintaned to the max. The kubota is 3000. more in price but might have been used pretty good in its 650 hours. Should I stay with good old green or go to the kubota?

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john deere vs kuubota

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2011-10-20          180964

The JD weighs a 1,000 more and that is a negative? I don't know the JD but am very pleased with my two Kubotas. Bought one new and the other used.

However if I felt a tractor was abused would avoid it. Remember before buying my first Kubota JD was about first tractor I looked at and found just what I wanted in a used tractor with low hours. Only thing was for such a low amount of hours the tires were cut to pieces and made me nervous about it. Did not like the dealer's attitude as he would only discuss that tractor and no others.

Will each tractor serve your needs? IS one better suited than the other? Such as the transmissions how do they compare, is one synchronized the other not? One of the reasons I bought Kubota over JD was this at least in models I considered at JD was not at all and the Kubota was partly. How about hyd pump capacity and remotes if they will matter to you. Getting on and off the tractor and comfort on it. Are you able to talk to previous owner?

How about the pto, any difference there? Does one offer any advantage in the way you control the pto or the engine rpm for the pto rpm?

Lift arms and stabilizers, how do they compare. For me I do not like chain stabilizers, too much slop in them. Then they can be easier to hook up. Does one have telescoping lift arms to help with hook up and the other not? If so do they work?

How about parts in your area? Dealership for both about same?

If all that comes down to the same, which do your prefer for if you don't like it you will never be pleased with it. Personally I like the Orange very well. Here you see most commercial use to be the Kubota. Of course on the farms it is JD compared to Kubota but that is partly due to JD making tractors with more HP and such for the field. ....

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