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Stink Bug Trap Review

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2011-09-28          180614

Wondering if it is just a Mid Atlantic thing or if all of North America has these dang things. Only been a couple years now but it seems to be increasing.

Enough so that I am starting to look into stink bug traps. I noticed that stink bugs want to get inside now and are all over the house siding. They like tight spaces, they have crawled into the garage door remote entry keypad which is really narrow when the flap is down, so many that all the numbers were covered. I also noticed that they drown quite quickly, at least in moderately warm water.

I have come across two stink bug traps :

1) Coke 2 liter bottle lighted stink bug trap. Cut top off just above brand banding to make a funnel, then remove brand band so bottle is now clear. Put LED battery powered under counter disk in bottom, put 3 inches of black tape around base to conceal light source. Place bottle top as funnel back into 2 liter base that was left after you cut the top off. Place masking tape banding on sides at noon 3 6 and 9 o clock postions so the stink bugs can crawl up the sides of the bottle and fall into the inverted top funnel. Use when it is dark inside or outside.

2) Narrow Space stink bug Trap. Take 2 square pieces of cardboard say 1 by 1 foot or 2 x 2 foot and three pieces of narrow fir strip or plywood quarter inch thick 2 inch wide by 2 feet. place parallel. Like | | | so the outer edges match the edge of the cardboard.

Place outside near house siding, empty into a trash bag by shaking trap or drown in a pail of water.

Anyone try these? Most of my stink bugs are outside but we have them inside all winter, I just have not noticed them congregating around the night lights in the winter so not sure how option 1 works. Maybe timing is of the essence and they slow down in the off season so it is critical to catch them now.

Let me know if you have stink bugs and if you have tried these solutions or have other ideas.

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