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2011-03-11          177335

I bought a old long 3 point finish mower it has only 2 blades with gearbox that is only used as driver for the belt that actually turns the blades.I went to a dealer which had no luck could not find that particular model also they had never heard of a long 2 bladed finish mower.HELP!!! belt number would be nice too.

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2011-03-11          177338

Post link to Oregon on blades. Will be shocked if they don't have one to fit it. You need the blade dimensions to match new blades.
As to belt, if you have the current belt take it to parts store (one with people who know parts), they should be able to match it.
No expert on finish mowers but the few finish mowers I have seen all use the gear box to drive the drive belt for the blades. None I know connect direct to the blades unless rough cut mower. The mower is a 3pth finishing mower, correct?
Be sure to check the oil in the gear box and grease the spindles. If you have not seen it running would turn all those by hand first just in case they need lube to move in place first due to sitting. ....


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