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John Deere starter saftey switch problems

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2010-09-05          173742

I have a JD #2155 with starter problems, it also has a #520 loader so the starter is very hard to get to. I checked all the little stuff, charged one battery, replaced the other battery, checked the fuses, repeately switched PTO in and out to free up saftey switch, did the same thing with both gear levers to free saftey switchs, unhooked power wires into soleniod and used a jumper cable from the battery to the power in post got NO click or reaction from starter (the ground from soleniod was still connected, if I did this right I guessing its the soleniod on the starter. The problem is I can't move the bucket because the tractor won't crank and the mounting plates are really in the way of 2 of the 3 screws on the soleniod. Can the loader be removed like it is. I looked at the Owners mannual of the loader, it talks about repostioning the bucket to unattach the loader. I'm very afraid to take it loose because I've never done it before and will not be able to follow the directions in the mannual. Any Ideas or suggestions, will I have to take both side loose to move the mounting plate thats blocking access. I afraid of taking this loader off and never being able to get it back on. On the other hand If I don't I never get the tractor cranked.
My questions are several
1) in the row of fuses the largest fuses were 20 amp, I thought a starter would be 30 amp are there other fuses I haven't found
2)I have found the saftey switch for the PTO under the left fender and plan to run a jumper wire between the connections to test it but where is the saftey switch for the gear lever
3)I jumped the starter but not sure if I did it right, I unhooked the power supply from the soleniod, batteries were disconnected from the tractor, Iran a jumper cable from pos. battery post to hot post on soleniod also ground on soleniod was still connected. Also tried jumping the tractor with everything attached form my truck with no reaction from the starter.
4) would a bad soleniod still click when jumped?

Any suggestion as what and where to check would be welcomed.

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John Deere starter saftey switch problems

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2010-09-05          173746

Depending on where it's sitting you could jack up the bucket to put a dolly/wagon/handcart under it, and pull- or push-start the tractor. ....

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