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BX2350 PTO problem

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2008-06-11          154496

I wanted to post this to see if anyone had a similar problem. I have a BX2350 with 86 hours use. About one month ago it started to stop turning the mower after about two hours use. After setting for a few minutes it would then be able to resume mowing. This became more frequest and then two weeks ago it just stopped turning and I took it in. They checked it out and said there was a problem with the PTO clutch. They took it apart and cleaned, then flushed the trans, and put back together. Then they stated it was still not right and they would have to replace the valve within the clutch. They kept it another 3 days and now today they tell me they are ordering the valve, which I thought was replaced already and it should be ready tomorrow. I have had this machinf ro two years and the warreanty is running out. I am concerned that now it be a long term problem. has anyone ever had such a problem with one of these machines?

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BX2350 PTO problem

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2008-06-11          154497


I don't own a BX tractor, and never have. However, I've been reading through the various tractor discussion boards for nearly five years, and have read very few reports of any problems with the BX tractors.

There isn't much to worry about in the future. Once they get your machine up and running, you probably won't have any more problems with it.

Joel ....

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