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Satelite TV And HDTV

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2008-01-22          150537

I went to my brothers house and he just got HDTV from Directv for his new 50" Plazma TV.

I saw his new dish and it has 4 RG6 cables coming out of the new oversize and kind of ugly new Dish that it requires.

I looked at Dish Networks and their's seems to be smaller with less wires I believe. From what I read it seems that part of the reason you need more wires now for HD is that for now they are sending both a HD and a SD signal because all the content is not HD. Am I correct in thinking that after February of 2009 these redundant Dish and cable requires will no longer be required? And also the need to be pointing the dish at different satelites for HD and SD signals.

If things are going to get simpler and possibly back to smaller dishes, I think I would just as soon wait until that happens next year. I really don't like Standard SD on a widescreen TV even in 4:3 mode let alone stretching it to widescreen.

Watching an HD show though is pretty cool though!

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Satelite TV And HDTV

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2008-01-22          150552

The Direct TV HD dish placed on the outside of the house has four RG6 cables running to a connection block. You can then connect from one - four receivers to the dish at the connection block. Local channels (mine)are redundant (HD and Standard) My local channel HD broadcasts are in the 4.3 aspect ratio. This is a bummer. National programs are 16.9 aspect ratio. Watching local HD programs in 4.3 aspect ratio places the picture in the middle of the screen with black bars on each side. In other words if you have a 50" LCD instead of watching a program full screen you get to watch a miniture version in the middle of the screen. I think the FCC needs to step in and state HD is 16.9, not digitial signals broadcast in 4.3 aspect ratio. ....

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