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 02-11-2000, 00:00 Post: 12690
Roger Mulkey

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 Antique Tractor Auction 2 12 00 at UC Davis CA

Though some of you might be interested in this... I have added the link below.-RogerMUNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, DAVISANTIQUE MECHANICS COLLECTIONSURPLUS TRACTOR SALE, LIVE AUCTIONSATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 2000 11:00 AM PREVIEW BEGINS FEBRUARY 12, 2000 AT 8:00AM QUESTIONS? CallSo Sad530) 752-6177, Sat 12am 4pm.(530) 754-9888, weekdays CURRENTLY SLATED FOR SALE: Item Number Description Serial Number and Other Information 81-263-1 Oliver 60 SN 606712 79-250-2 Oliver 70 1944, SN 247243. 79-250 Oliver 77 "Row Crop" SN E329343 C-77D 62-4-1 Fordson SN 64151 73-152-1 Fordson SN 28583 73-153-1 Fordson 1927 78-229-1 Fordson SN 657846. Winch on front, cement-filled rear wheels. 71-58-1 John Deere D 71-56-1 John Deere D 84-272-1 Case CO SN C307291 ? Case C Disassembled, SN C317761 79-250 Farmall H SN FBH-215266 76-206-1 Farmall F20 SN FA-108159 87-295-1 Farmall SMD Diesel, SN F-27852J 71-67-1 Farmall Parts machine 71-67-2 Farmall Parts machine 71-67-3 Farmall Parts machine KC165509 McCormickDeering 20 SN KC165509 IHC F-12? Parts machine 75-183-1 McCormickDeering SN KC25855 74-164-1 Caterpillar Two-Ton 70-19-1 Caterpillar Two-Ton SN 72453 86-280-1 Cat 22 SN 2F1942 78-223-2 Cat 22 SN 2F8941SP 79-231-1 Cat 28 4F 751 SP 70-24-1 Best 30 SN S3818 70-34-1 Cat 30 Transitional Cat with Best side plates, SN S2343 70-28-1 Cat 30 SN S4634, orchard seat. 72-84-1 Cat 30 SN PS4226, top seat 74-172-1 Cat 30 Top seat 79-248-4 Cat 30 SN S4584. Orchard seat. Butane 79-248-5 Cat 30 SN S5319. Orchard seat. 79-248-6 Cat 30 SN S9442. Orchard seat. Butane 86-283-1 Cat 30 SN S5126. Orchard seat. Butane 89-311-2 Cat 30 Top seat 79-250 Cat 30 Chassis only 73-146-1 Best 60 79-248-2 Cat 60 SN 2990A. Butane 79-250-1 Cat 60 SN 4994A. Parts machine. Old-style seat 79-250g Cat 60 SN 5102A. Butane 88-302-1 Cat 60 SN 3574. Butane. Old-style seat 88-302-2 Cat 60 SN 5103A. Butane 73-146 Best 60 engine 70-33-1 RD6 SN 2H3515 72-72-1 Cletrac 1500C SN 223885 75-189-1 Cletrac HG SN 5GA378. 77-215-1 Cletrac AG LH SN 3X7732 70-37-2 McCormickDeering T20 SN ST5707 ST1116 McCormickDeering T20 SN ST1116. With homemade blade

Link:   Click Here 

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