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 11-06-2000, 21:27 Post: 21279
KlayW in MI

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 Need the 3PT relief valve location on a B2710 REPLY

Need the 3PT relief valve location on a B27102000-10-29 KlayW in MI The 3pt suddenly quit lifting after roto-tilling. I suspect the spring in the pressure relief valve or valve itself for the 3pt but it's not pointed out in the owners manual. Is this something I can fix or is it better left up to the dealer to warranty repair? Any help would be appreciated, thanks. Bird Senter 2000-10-29 20999 Klay, can you give us a little more information? I'm a long ways from being a tractor mechanic, but I'm inclined to doubt that the relief valve is the problem. However, if you want to know where it is, it's top right of the housing about the next thing in front of the hydraulic oil fill plug. I'm guessing that you have not tightened the 3-point hitch lowering speed knob all the way down, which could cause a problem. But do you have a front end loader? Sometimes the joystick is not exactly centered, i.e., a valve is just open a tiny bit and you don't notice it, but the 3-point will not raise. So the first thing I'd try is just wiggling the joystick a bit (if you have a front end loader), then try the 3-point again. Elkoboy 2000-10-29 21006 I had a B2910 under warranty that had a sticking valve in the 3 point unit that caused it to be inoperative and was replaced by my dealer. My dealer told me that after numerous inquiries to Kubota he finally found someone who admitted that they had a manufacturing defect with a valve in the 3 point unit and had made a lot of replacements. Not sure of the exact valve they're talking of, and if it's the same unit as in the B2710, but since mine has been replaced I have had no problems. You might want to talk to your dealer if you're still under warranty and see what he says. Murf 2000-10-30 21028 There is an easy (and surprisingly inexpensive) way to determine/diagnose the cause of the problem. A hydraulic pressure guage (about $20 at any supply house, and probably a big auto parts house) with a capacity to read to at LEAST 3000psi (preferably 5000psi) screwed into a fitting in place of a hose that should be pressurised will tell you a lot, like if you have pressure or not and how much. A lot of 'old-timers' will tell you to just back off a line like you would to bleed the fuel injectors, but, DO NOT DO THIS!!!!!! The fluid may be hot, and if there is pressure in that line or suddenly let into that line the results could be FATAL, certainly unpleasant. Normally pressure-relief valves do not 'fail' they merely get stuck open by some debris that has by-passed the filter. Try changing the filter and back-flushing the system before you try anything else. Best of luck.Reply I STILL CANNOT 'REPLY" IN NETSCAPE 4.7, SORRY ABOUT THE ALL CAPS BUT WANTED CONTRAST TO THE ABOVE, I'M NOT YELLING.I SHOULDA INCLUDED A LITTLE MORE INFO IN THE ORIGINAL POST. I DID CHECK THE SPEED KNOB AND ALL OTHER HYDRO FUNCTIONS ARE FINE. AFTER LOOKING AT THE VALVE LOCATION I CALLED THE DEALER. THEY PICKED IT UP ON MONDAY REPLACED THE WHOLE 3PT VALVE ASSY. (ONLY THE SECOND ONE THEY HAVE SEEN GO BAD) AND RETURNED IT BY FRIDAY. A PRESSURE GUAGE WILL BE IN MY GARAGE ALONG WITH THE SHOP MANUAL BY THE END OF THE WARRANTY AS YOU CAN SEE BY MY LUCK, I OWN ONE OF ONLY TWO MACHINES THAT THE LARGEST MICHIGAN KUBOTA DEALER HAS SEEN WITH A PROBLEM LIKE IT! THANKS FOR THE INFO GUYS.

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