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NH1920 w allied loader need Hydraulic Help

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2003-01-07          47139

I just had a local fabricator attach an Allied loader to my Ford NH 1920 4wd tractor. Although he did a satisfactory job attaching tractor to loader he wasn't my choice for the hydraulic work. I have a dual control valve which is supposed to match the hydraulic pump/system from the tractor. I am replacing the hoses and fittings, but need some guidance on which hoses attach to which location on the hydraulic system. I have some old pictures of a factory set up but they dont show me enough. Can anyone point me in the right direction or send me a picture of their connections?
Thanks in advance.
Regards, Bill

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NH1920 w allied loader need Hydraulic Help

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2003-01-08          47142

I'll describe the connections for my 1710.

There is a manifold block on the lower middle of the engine on the right side. The block contains 1/2" NPT ports for auxiliary system send and return and a slot screw control for a diverter valve that selects between remote and auxiliary systems. With the diver valve turned counter-clockwide (top of slot toward rear) the high-pressure send port is to the right (front of tractor). A line runs from that port to the loader valve inlet port (The loader valve port should be stamped either 'IN' or 'P'.

The outlet port on the loader valve runs to the other port on the manifold block. If the loader valve has two ports on its outlet section, it is the port stamped 'PB'. The other outlet may be unmarked or stamped 'T'. That port requires a line that runs to a port on the cases. Location of a port on the cases is variable but it a plug intended to accommodate a fitting should be fairly obvious. If the loader valve has a single outlet port, the valve should be known to be rated for power-beyond applications. Otherwise operation of a loader valve when the 3ph is in lift mode may damage the valve.

For connections to the loader cylinders: There are lift and lower circuits that connect to the opposite ends of the lift cylinders. The lift cylinders are connected in parallel, so there is one lift line and one lower line on a loader. These lines connect to the two ports on the control valve used for the lift circuit. That valve usually has a float feature and is physically longer than the other control valve. Either cylinder port may be connected to the lower line, but it's usual to use the side with the float detend. A similar connection is made for the bucket circuit.

With this hook up, the 3ph and loader will both operate without changing the diverter valve. With a two-outlet loader valve, the 3ph will not operate when a loader valve is open. With a singe outlet valve, the 3ph can lift when a loader valve is open but any load on the 3ph is deducted form the loader capacity. Who knows maybe a picture is worth a thousand words or 388 in this case.

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