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blowers and mowers

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2002-10-28          44292

looking into buying my first compact, would appreciate input on pros and cons of setting
up tractor with a front end loader and rear snowblower, or front end blower. Do both the
front and rear have the same capacity, it appears that the rear snowblower from pictures
is larger in terms of depth cut. Also would like to know pros and cons of mid mount
mower to rear mower. Have 6 acres with a 200 ft driveway. all responses greatly

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blowers and mowers

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Art White
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2002-10-28          44323

The straight driveway makes it easy to use a rear snowblower as you can use your old lines to see where you need to be without looking back. Wind in Ny in our area normally blows out of the West so depending on your drive you know where the snow is going to blow. The front puts everything in your view naturally without going out of your way. Just like the blower in the front the mid mower you do not have to look back to see how close you are just down when near the trees far easier to see and one less track of the tires for the mower to try to stand up and cut. The rear is the easiest to hook up and unhook of both the blower and the mower. But I often think that if you put any time into mowing or blowing it will be longer for your ease of that job then it will be any regreats for the mid mount and front mounted equipment. I bet you have a snowmobile don't ya! ....

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