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Mystery coils

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2015-10-16          193885

Kubota B7500 DT-Another queztion: I was up in Northten Michigan last weekend, and I saw at least 3 other B7500 Kubota tractors for sale. What started me looking at them was a couple had front mount snowblowers, and I was curious if the seller would split the blower from the tractor so I could but it. Anyway, I noticed every B7500 I've seen has some vertical, looping, coils in front of the radiator. EXCEPT MINE!!! They go up and down, then loop back up again, several times. Is it some sort of cooler for the power steering, or-maybe-the HST? Thank you so much for all the help so far. I really appreciate it-Mike

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Mystery coils

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2015-10-16          193887

Mike ~
That "looping" coil, is for the cooler. If you take a look at yours, being a DT model or gear shift, you probably won't see it. Take a look on the HSD/HST models, or Hydrostatic units, and you will see them. Keep in mind that hydraulic fluid under working pressure produces significant heat....needless to say, it needs to be cooled or it will burn and be useless, as it will thin out to nothing leaving you stranded. Some units realize an actual cooler, such as one may ad to an RV or tow vehicle to keep the tranny fluid cooler for proper operation. This would be evident by looking at the radiator, and seeing what looks like a second one...just a cooler.
Best ~
Willie H. ....

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