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John Deere Gator Overheating Fix

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2013-02-12          186182

Hello, we have had this problem and it was solved, so far. If you have symptoms like:

sporadic heat spikes, no visual movement of water in radiator, no fan running, overheating light on and off

These are just a few, but they all boil down to no water movement, like a thermostat or water pump failure. Of course there is also the possibility of a bad thermostat switch (bottom of radiator), bad thermostat even a bad overheating switch (back of rear cylinder near water inlet.)

You can check the fan switch (bottom of radiator) by noting that it just give the fan a ground when it switches. So disconnect the line from the fan to the thermostat switch and ground it (the fan line), the fan should turn on. Thermostat can be placed in a pan with water and heated to ensure it opens. The other switches are checked by ohm meter since they close when it's overheated.

We replaced most of these parts also. Further investigation shows that we were not getting water flow. The thermostat has a hole in it for relieving the system of air. The air can cause the pump not to work and no water flow. So we found that the thermostat was put in upside down so the hole with the partial rivet was at the bottom. Drill a hole in the top of the thermostat, 1/8 inch, ensure you don't drill where the thermostat closes and seals or where it will be covered by the gasket or sealant.

Put the stuff back together, fill radiator, while filling remove the dark bolt on the intake manifold near the center and purge the air out of the system while filling the radiator.

Check for leaks after starting and as you drive it to warm it up feel the radiator for a slow warming, not fast high heat changes, this is a problem. Hopefully when it gets hot the fan will run on and off properly. This should a proper fix.

Hope this helps.


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John Deere Gator Overheating Fix

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2013-02-13          186188

What model gator? ....

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