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New Old Gator What to expect

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2011-12-18          181697

I have just aquired a new to me older 6x4 gator. It has had a few parts taken off but they are still there. THe unit looks complete and comes with an extra transmission and engine of unknown condition. Has a cab with doors. But no bed. The bed is a non issue, I can weld and it dosent worry me. What does concern me is the cost of replacement parts. I am used to doing all my own repair work and can pretty much rework anything i decide too. Componently they dont look too complicated but parts diagrams can be decieving.

Just wondering what to expect as far as a rework. If it is gonna cost a mint for repair parts "IE buying from a dealer" or can I get them from other sources.

Thanks for any contributions and for this board. There is alot of good info and I have been reading here prior to making the decision to buy this toy.

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New Old Gator What to expect

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2011-12-24          181738

You are right, they are not particularly complex machines - but pretty much all the parts are JD-specific and therefore expensive. The exceptions to this are engine parts if you have the gasoline version. The engine is a standard Kawasaki FD620D model. The only thing that makes this particular variant of the engine different is a taper on the drive shaft where the primary clutch is fitted. I have no experience with the diesel version, but I believe the same thing applies.I'd recommend that you get hold of the technical manual TM1518. Somewhere on this forum is a link to download a PDF version of it.
I've recently done a full restoration of a 6X4 that was badly rusted and had a siezed engine when acquired. I rebuilt the engine with new rings, bearings, oil pump, water pump, seals, etc. I also had to replace the king pin bushes and tie rod ends and do some work on the clutches. Oh, plus a few other things like repair the fuel pump, the starter motor, the wiring harness, the seats, the cargo bed ....
With the addition of some new guards and bonnet, it now looks and performs like a new machine. ....

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