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TC33excessive smoke

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2011-05-01          178267

Squires Istarted a new thread foryou.I think you did a good job searching the archives namesthere Ihaven'tseen foryears.

I thinke you are looking for the air/fuel adjustment. Hopefully a smart guy on the Blue line will chime in. If not you need to get ahold of the injector pump parts break down to see where it is.

I am making a few assumptions here. Soplease feel free to get in here with the facts.

Air filter is clean? (VERY IMPORTANT to check this)
Work on pump?
How many hours?

Black smoke is unburned fuel. Does it clear when it gets to rpm after started. When you work the engine mowing is there black smoke?

If smoke clears and only a hint of black smoke when working the engine you are probably ok. We just need a little more info.

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