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620 Fuel Pump issues

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Join Date: Aug 2010
Posts: 2 Creston CA
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2010-08-08          172913

I have a 2009 620 Gator 4x4. I have gone through 3 electric fuel pumps. At $170 I would expect something a little more rugged. The initial problem was that my gas got contaminated with water and seemed to reduce the expected PSI of the pump from 25 psi to 14 psi. Needless to say, the fuel injected engine need a high PSI to work to give power. After a $500 plus bill, new fuel pump and filter we were back in business. 8 months later it happened again. This time after installing the fuel pump I had the mechanic (great guy very knowledgeable) put an in line filter before the fuel pump. It appears the drawings call for one but mine did not have one from the factory. So off we go again. 6 months later a little diesel (maybe 1/2 gallon got in to the fuel tank by accident. Filled up the tank as I do with all my other vehicles when this happens and within a tank of gas the fuel pump is out again.

I drained the gas, installed a new pump and filter and expected it to work. Pump is not getting up to 25 PSI and the Gator will start, go for a few 100 feet and then die. Upon flooring it in park the engine does not get to full power and is starving for gas.

Any ideas before I blow another $170 fuel pump!

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620 Fuel Pump issues

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Join Date: Jan 2013
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2013-01-21          186020

I have dealt with this issue several times in the recent past and found the solution. Remove the cover from over the park brake area to gain access to the fuel pickup line that extends down into the fuel tank. pull the line from the tank and you will likely find that the fine meshed filter screen is clogged and is being sucked flat by the fuel pump. You can order a new pickup line from any john deere dealer. Do not remove the screen and reinstall the old one or you may surely have a bigger problem later on. Also the 620 model gators have lots of throttle body problems. They don't adhere well to grit and grime once the dirt gets past the air filter and the throttle body may need to be removed and cleaned by a qualified mechanic. Keeping the air filtger clean or replaced at least twice a year is most criticle on this model gator. ....

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