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How old is new

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Join Date: Aug 2010
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2010-08-06          172858

Does anyone know the legal requirements for a dealer to sell a farm tractor as "new". Is it only based on having less than 200 hours as long as it has all the features of the newer tractors coming out of the factory for that model. In other words could its date of manufacture be like 3 years ago and it's sat in a warehouse but since no improvements have been made it's considered new? I don't think they have model years like autos.

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How old is new

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2010-08-06          172860

I've never known of any legal requirements for a dealer to follow, but a check of the serial number will tell you the date of build. A tractor in the warehouse with no hours is still a new tractor unless a fresh model as you said has improvements over the stale one.
Any reputable dealer will gladly explain where the hours came from on any tractor on the lot. Some tractors are used as demonstrators and usually can be bought down the line a bit but I think a new warranty comes just the same as zero hour tractor.
A tractor with 200 hours is a used tractor no matrer how the hours got there.
Model year has some bearing in the value in tractors but far from the degree as with cars and pickups, the condition is the major key with tractors.
Frank. ....

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How old is new

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2010-08-06          172863

Anything can be sold as new so long as it has not been titled (in the case of car) regardless of age, or IMHO if had never been palced in service such as when a retail consumer buys it.

Ever seen the term NOS for someone selling autoparts and such? That means New Old Stock (NOS). Tractors do have a model year providing it has a serial number that can deciphered. As far updating something that is new but aged a mfg is not required to update it---so long as there are not Federal requirements such as safety issues. A mfg may decide to update, but rarely does that happen unless it's in their best interest.

Another example is a car on a dealer lot used as a demo. I'm not clear how the law works there. But I do know having a background in automotive engineering and law, a mfg can only put a few miles (I forget how many-----I think it's 2 miles) on a car. Generally those miles are racked up driving around for factory testing, transporting it from the plant to the port or railhead for delivery, or if it's being driven from one plant to another to be built up for a conversion such as turning it into a convertible.

Also, at least in Michigan where I'm from, a car mfg can damage a car, repair it, and put it back on the lot without telling you it was damaged--so long as the damage doesn't exceed some horrific percentage like 25% of the value, if memory serves me. And I'm talking anything to a scratch to full-blown body damage---like when it falls off the top of a car hauler backward while being unloaded. Case in point: My buddy used to drive a car hauler. He was to have at least $2800 of his own money set aside in his employee damage account to cover damage from him driving cars on and off the trailer. He took off the driver side mirror on a new truck last winter backing it off the trailer when it slid sideways. He was fired because it was his second day and had not saved enough to cover the damage. ....

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