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JD 4310 rear aux hydraulics

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2010-03-12          169139

I have a 2004 JD 4310 tractor with the hydrostatic transmission. I am mounting a JD 48 backhoe that uses the tractor's hydraulics to power it. I do not have a power beyond kit installed. I'm wanting to seek alternatives to the $300 power beyond kit. I have several photos and have seen the kit installed on a tractor and it does not look too complicated to have made, possibly with a combination of hydraulic hoses and some tubing. I'm not talking about using a bunch of car heater hose and some duct tape for this, I mean something well-made. I know farmers and tractor owners are some of the best modifiers and inventors around. Has anyone used the spare control section from the hydraulic valve that powers the front-end loader? I have my wheels and fenders off right now and it looks simple to make a control handle and tap into that valve. I do have reasonable knowledge of fabricating tubing for hydraulics; I have made several for large transport aircraft at my job. Thanks guys!

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JD 4310 rear aux hydraulics

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2010-03-12          169143

I have the Deere power beyond kit on my 4310 for a 48 hoe, and yes 300 bucks is too much for what you get, and again yes, somebody had to make the first one, God didn't create it.
From what I can gather in my somewhat stale knowledge being I've had mine quite a while here's my take on it.
The 48 hoe has it's own bypass valve, if you use a remote outlet for your source you will be dealing with two bypass valves one in the remote and the other in the hoe, I don't know the relief pressure settings of either one. Will that cause a problem? I don't know for sure. Possibly there is less flow due to smaller lines, etc to a remote rather than the three point circut, again, I don't know for sure.
The Deere power beyond kit takes it's source of fluid from the three point hitch circut, basicly eliminating the use of the three point arms once they lift the hoe into the mounted position. When youn switch the hose form the three point circut to the hoe you are dealing with only one bypass valve that is in the hoe. When switching the hose from the three point circut to the hoe circut do not have the engine running because the hydraulic system is dead headed with no bypass relief valve and will destroy something likely the pump.
On your other post about the block of steel along the valve bodys. I couldn't get your picture to come up, but from your description I don't know what it is.
Frank. ....

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