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gator 4x2 Steering Rack

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2009-12-21          167617

Hi everyone.

I have just started volunteering at my local park and have been asked to have a look at their Gator. It has several problems that need looking at and i am after some help with finding some possible solutions.

First off is a loud scraping/grinding noise that only happens just before the gator comes to a halt when using the brakes. I have changed the transmission oil (from the look of it it has never been changed) and replaced it with the correct grade from JD. The noise is still there. I then tried going down a hill with the engine turned off, i braked - the noise disappeared. I then looked at the primary clutch and found the rollers had large flat spots, could this be the cause of the noise, like the clutch is not disengaging fully when braking?

Secondly is the steering rack. When you turn to full right hand lock the wheel will keep turning and the wheel "jumps", like the pinion has over run the rack and it bouncing on the last tooth. Is it possible go buy the internal components without the cost of buying a new rack?

Thanks in advance


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gator 4x2 Steering Rack

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2009-12-22          167632

Your loud noise when stopping is common in the wet brake Gators. The thing to do is drive your Gator around and hold your emergency brake on a little at a time to scrub your brake pads. Eventually the noise will stop, at that point is when you should change the fluid. This won't stop the noise, but it will help. It's not hurting anything when it makes the noise, it's just annoying. You should have new rollers in your clutch, but that has nothing to do with the brakes. You can't buy rollers, you have to buy the whole spyder. Your steering rack has one or more teeth broken off at the end of the rack. If you turn all the way right and take the boot off you can see the end teeth on the left side. Sometimes you can build them up with weld and grind new teeth into them. When you turn all the way left you can't see the right side, so you can't do anything about it. The racks don't come apart and I don't think there are any internal parts available. ....

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