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TC29D cab

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2008-12-20          158719

We have a TC29D and are looking for an inexpensive awning or cab. Have seen cabs that are heavy plastic with snaps. Does anyone have a link to a manufacturer or retail outlet?

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TC29D cab

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2008-12-20          158723

Inexpensive and cab are mutually exclusive in my book. My The local dealer sells vynil cab enclosures for $280 plus tax. I never seen one though.

I have a TC33D and bought a fiberglass-and-kevlar canopy from Firebird Fiberglass in Arizona. It was pricey but well worth it--about $600 inc. shipping.

I would buy one of these for year-round use, and have a local sailmaker or canvas maker make a cab to your specs. It will likely cost about the same as buying a cheapy vynil cab. And the materials the locals will or should use will be much better like the clear windows and zippers. There might be such a thing that the locals can create a better designed cab that uses bows or stays intead of snaps. These guys can be very creative since they work on boats.

If you have sketching ability, draw up something and see a maker.

Another option, but it require some sort of framework if you don't have a canopy is shrinkwrapping the cab area like a boat. You can have windows and doors with zippers installed too. If it's designed and installed right you might be able to salvage it for next year without cutting if off and destroying it in the process.

Another option is a Weather Brake. I'm niot sure it actually a cab per se, but rather "walls" that suround you and the elements flow over or around you. It's possible that it is also designed for use with or without a canopy. See link below. ....

Link:   Weather Brake

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