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Join Date: Mar 2004
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2008-02-23          151621

Just wondering how your retirement wood shop worked out?
Did you manage to keep the "real" equipment? Three phase and all? I'm a custom woodworker in MASS. Very tough times here.

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2008-02-24          151627

Hetric; Always glad to visit with a fellow woodworker, or anyone else for that matter. Yes we have ninety percent of the new shop up and running and did keep all the big three phase equipment by instaling a ten hp. rotary phase converter to power the machines of 8 hp. or less and use a 45kw PTO generator to power the machines with 10+ hp motors. There is no three phase service where we live now. I know that sounds like a pain in the butt type deal to start a tractor to operate a machine, and it kinda is, but I only use the big machines maybe once a week or less and run a "Batch' so to speak thru when I have them up and running. I don't have the maxhine shop side of the building wired up yet and don't have the freight elevator completed yet, it seems I've spent most of the winter plowing snow, the most snow we have had in years here. Since I'm not in a "Production Mode" anymore I've somewhat lost touch with how the housing and remodeling market is going here, but all the contractors I know locally are working straight thru the winter and have plenty lined up for spring. We were always fortunate to never have ran out of work in 30+ years in business. We weren't into "carpentry" so to speak, but did probably 80% custom one off type furniture production and the reat of the time did produce kitchen cabinets on a custom order basis only. I won't be the richest man in the Cemetary because of running a furniture business, but wouldn't trade all the good friends I made both as employees and customers and the good work times I had for all the Cadillac's you could park on fourty acres. Best of luck. Frank. ....

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