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Join Date: Mar 2007
Posts: 1 Auberry Ca
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2007-03-12          140400

I have a FS110R Stihl Trimmer, Through a lapse of sanity I opted for a 2 string head, the cut the line to length kind, not the reel type.

My problem, no matter which type line I use, I will lose 1 line almost immeadiately. I thought this would save me time but in fact is adding to my time on the job.

I had some bad luck with my former trimmer and bump head.

What head is everyone haveing good luck with?

My trimming involves a variety of areas, including open fields, around foundations against hogwire fence around shrubs and trees.

I do like the idea of the bumpheads that you poke the string into the holes and wind up the spool.

Appreciate any suggestions
Thank you

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Art White
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2007-03-12          140407

We get to see a lot of variation of uses and there are a lot of different strings available not only in diameter but with different shapes. I'd think that with just one string breaking it would have to be grabing something. Is it breaking on one job or the other? Fences often would do what you are describing, when operating near stones or sollid objects it is best to lower the rpm which will help the string life and possibly keep it from grabbing. ....

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