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3520 widen track and extra lights

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2006-04-20          128049

If I swap my right and left side tires, how much extra width will I gain on my 2005 3520? I want a touch more stability on the slopes. Will I still be more narrow than my 72" MMM? I also bought rear back up lights that bolt to the rops and plug into the harness inside the rops. Can I put the blinkers inside the frame rails of the rops and then mount these headlights on the outside edge to gain more light for loader work? Any opinions on the best light placement for loader work? The FEL blocks the headlights on the hood.

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3520 widen track and extra lights

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2006-04-20          128054

I recently put lights on my 4710. I mounted the lights to the top of the ROP. I initially tried mounting them on the underside of the top of the ROP but found the angle of the ROP did not allow for enough adjustment of the light. With the 2 rectangulat flood lights up to plus the original headlights, loader work, infact any work out front of the unit is a breeze. I may add one more round light facing rearward to make backing and use of the back blade easier.

Good luck,

John ....

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3520 widen track and extra lights

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2006-04-23          128176

Here are some thoughts I've been kicking around concerning lights on rops.
1. Use two lights rather than 4 lights. Mount them on a light bar that will swivel the lights up and down. I install the lights on the bar in a manner that will permit the lights to be rotated 360 degrees. The 360 degrees allows you to have light to the rear and front or both to the front or both to the rear.
Use magnets to mount the brackets for the light bar to the top rear edge of the rops instead of on top of the rops or under the top of the rops. Next bolt the ends of the light bar to the brackets with one bolt through each bracket into the bar.
Tighten the bolts just enough to hold the bar in place but loose enough to move it by hand. The swiveling light bar allows:
(A) Allows adjustment of the distance the lights shine out from the tractor.
(B) Gives more clearance above the lights and more head room under them.
(C) Lessens the chance of catching the lights on something overhead.
(D) Allows the lights to flip down if hit rather than breaking them.
(E) You can just flip the lights down to work under low hanging branches instead of having to remove them from the rops. However you still have the option of removing the bar and lights and unplugging the trailer connector.
*Advantages of the 360 degree rotation *
(A) Permits two lights instead of requiring 4 lights, thus reducing current flow.
(B) Lights can be turned both to front or both to rear. Or they can be turned one to front and one to rear. They can also be used for side lighting. Swiveling lights can provide illumination 360 degrees around the tractor.

Adjustment from one position to another is instant by hand. No wrenches or tools required.
A low profile light preferred over high profile lights.

I've been using this system of combining a rotating light bar with swivel mounted lights to install fog and driving lights on my pickups successfully for years.

More thoughts on lights.
Use a dual direction light with a clear lens on both sides that will cast light to the front and rear at the same time.

Thinking about experimenting with a hanging swing light magnetically attached to the cross member of the FEL to illuminate the bucket shadow when using the head lights.


I would not disconnect the head lights but would run the extra lights connected to the key on side of the ignition switch and a separate switch in the line between the connection and the lights. You could also use a switch for / on each light if you desire to control each lite separately.
The reason I prefer going through the key switch is because you can't forget to turn the lights off and run the battery down.

I use a 10 AMP Fuse.



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