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Gravel drive meets grass

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2005-11-17          119469

I was wondering if anyone has a good ideas for putting some type of edging between my driveway (gravel) and my lawn. I have a length of 200+ feet where I would like to do this. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

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Gravel drive meets grass

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2005-11-17          119472

Funny you should ask. We just finished edging our 600' limestone drive, after a bunch of debate on the best way to do it. We finally decided to try landscape timber if we could get a good price. I hunted around and found that some mills will sell 2 year old timbers at greatly reduced prices, less than used railroad ties. We were able to get 6x6 hardwood, treated to rejection timbers for $4 a piece.

A couple of things we did that seem to be paying off. We used a Middle Buster to trench for the timbers. This worked really well, no digging required. Did a little cleaning out in some places, but saved a lot of work.

We also lined the drive with a highway grade geo-fabric before adding another 100 tons of 21AA crushed limestone. The box blade made easy work of putting a good grade on the new road. After a few rains, it looks like a paved driveway.

They look great, but there are drawbacks for the timbers and they should be considered:

Snow plowing will be a little tricky, trying to make sure you don't tear up the new timbers.

The edges of the timbers don't hold up real well to careless driving. Make sure you make the road plently wide enough, 12'0 minimum. Fill the gravel to the top of the timbers.

We just couldn't come up with a better plan at that price. She wanted to add definition to the road, and the timbers definitely look great. Take the good with the bad, they are doing the job. ....

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