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Pole Barn Concrete Floor

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2005-04-12          109724

Looking for some advice as we are getting ready to pour the floor.


Pole barn is 30’ x 40’ set on 16” of compacted runner crush located in Upstate New York. Pad is 38’ x 48’. Excavation work was done last fall. Building pad is approximately 12” above grade. Pole barn was put up in December 2004. Looking to pour 5” of 4000 psi fibermesh for floor. Contractor’s post hole digger failed during construction, so a small backhoe was used to set posts. Dirt was mixed in with the runner crush by contractor and spread over the floor area. Now, looking to cleanup and level the floor area and spread more runner crush before pouring floor. Based on the way that the splashboards are installed, overhead door and people door, we will have to remove/level 1” of mixed runner crush and dirt below bottom of the splashboard to get a 5” pour. Looking to get as much dirt removed as possible and refilled with new runner crush. Once all is done, we will compact again with a power tamper.


Main concern is that frost will be able to get under concrete and lift/crack the floor in the late fall/winter/spring. Splashboard sits on top of pad. When digging below splashboard (1” for 5” pour) you can now see outside under splashboard. Considering digging out the entire outside perimeter of the building around the splashboards, filling with topsoil, hand tamping and then covering with runner crush and hand tamping again.

Any advice/comments/thoughts are appreciated.



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