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This is me and my girl. Life is good I say.

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I love rocks more than most and looking for them is a favorite of mine also. I am a painter by trade at least I was for 25 ish years, now I am staying home working out the finer points of life out here in what we call "the cut". I also consider myself to be an artist but it never by itself paid the bills. Starving artist I would have been.
Lately my interest have been massive as I have been able to occupy myself with my girls big toys now at the house!
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less than 10 acres. . .We basically live only here and this is my play ground for the most part. I love being in the country and enjoying all that it has to offer. My girlfriend worked in land erosion for 15 - 20 years and we have a couple projects going on here at the house now that we have personal time to do so. Like the pond she built in the back yard and remodeling the place as a whole.