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Joined: 07/2003
Located: Central Maine
Small Farming, Welding, Dubbin', Alternative energy, Computers
Tractor Related-
Kubota L3130HST R1 tires, 723FEL 72" HD bucket, Provnost Puma64 snowblower, BushHog 2101 PHD, LandPride 1584 rake, 18" weight box. Chains-front standard 3/8" cross chain, rear duo-grip V-bar. Currently (26Jun2004) 552 hours.

Other Junk- 250A AC-DC welder, MAPP-Oxy setup, Chainsaws. etc.... Vast collection of useful and/or obsolete and/or operable hand and power tools. I probably have it somewhere, I just can't find it!
65 Acres 60% hayfields, 40% woods+wet.