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Kubota New LX20 Series is Where Performance Meets Comfort

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2023-05-31          201632

Designed with both residential and commercial operators in mind, the Kubota LX20 Series can tackle rural residential tasks with ease, while providing the powerful performance and comfort needed to handle commercial applications as well. In addition to added 35- and 40-HP configurations – which allows for greater variety of performance-matched implements – the new LX3520 and LX4020 models were built with the operator in mind, from an updated cabin area to new grips and easier-to-maneuver controls. The LX20s feature a redesigned transmission aimed at significantly reducing HST noise for the operator, while an auto throttle helps the tractor to drive with ease. The LX20 Series features a wider front axle as well as a performance matched front loader that further improves their ease of operation and maneuverability. Additionally, the LX20 Series comes with a dual engine memory switch, allowing the operator to preset their preferred RPMS and have the engine match that speed at the push of a button. Finally, there are new mower decks available for both models, with integrated wash port attachments to make cleaning under the deck easier.

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