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JD 4310 4x4 problem

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2014-12-16          191644

Tractor is stuck in 4x4. Yes there is power to the solenoid. What I want to try.
Swap the rear pto with the 4x4 solenoid to see if it is the solenoid that is bad. The 4x4 solenoid does not click, no sound, it is magnitized.
Cant take 4x4 solenoid off because there is a part of the transmission housing right above the solenoid nut. So I think the block that the solenoids are on has to come off. My questions, When I take the 4 bolts off to remove the block from transmission housing, is fluid going to pore out of the transmission housing. I know what is in the block will come out. Thanks for help.
Update. I got solenoid stem out some, put it back in and it has started working.
Next problem.
It still want come out of 4x4. The rod of the cilender on the left side of the transmission housing is moving like it should. What could be wrong??
Maybe the rod is not moving out enough.
Is there an ajustment for it, or is something broken inside?
I have jacked intire tractor up and turned tires by hand and with tractor transmission engaged.

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