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help with hydraulic plumbing

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2012-12-18          185745

I have acquired a John Deere 3365 fairway mower that has been striped of its cutting reels.
It runs great and has lots of hydraulic flow I would imagine.
I want to add a loader and a small backhoe to be for my property.I will need hydraulic remotes to supply a snow blower and a brush cutting to be hooked on the front loader arms as well.
Can anyone help me decipher the hydraulic system on this machine so I know how and where to tap into?
The engine is a 38hp Yanmar, 2 wheel drive with hyrdrostatic hi/low transmission and power steering.
The engine drive shaft powers the tranny and also drives three pumps that are bolted to the front. Two of the pumps are stacked and seem to be self contained with their own reservoir,filter and supply & return lines.(These pumps are 10.9gpm each)They each have their own "out" or pressurized ports. Can I plump these both into one valve to double the flow?
The third pump sits just above them (also driven from the main gearbox) but is part of the main drive system meaning it uses the hydro drives fluid and the pressurized line coming out of the pump goes right back into a manifold that seems to be part of the main transmission.
I know this pump supplies the power steering because one of the lines out of the manifold goes directly to the steering column.
The other port from this manifold is capped off??
Can anyone help tell me what this port would of supplied & how much usable flow I might expect to get from it? It looks to be like a 3/8 ORFS fitting...just like the steering hoses.
I cant imagine the one steering cylinder using too much flow and this third pump looks to be the same size as the two stacked pumps that I know are 10.9gpm each!
And if I can use this capped port, would I just tap the return line back in with the steering return?
I would like to keep the two self contained stacked pumps working together for a total of 21.8gpm auxilliary to run my backhoe and other inpliments.
This means I still need to supply enough flow for the loader arms.
And what on this machine activates these pumps (a levered cluch)or are they always just pressurized and the relief valve lets it feed back to the tank??

Again this machine is a 1993 John Deere 3365 fairway mower.
If anyone knows the workings or can add any advise at all, I would greatly appreciate it.

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