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John Deere 825i XUV Not Starting

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2012-04-16          183181

So I have a 2012 825i XUV Gator. I took it out for a 2nd weekend ride (after servicing at 8 hrs). There was a knocking (ticking) noise that started around hour 12-14. From my ATV days, it sounded like the valves were knocking and needed adjusted.
After 2 days of on-off riding, I jumped in the Gator to start it up for another ride. I turned the key and heard a grinding noise. Then it stopped. The Gator did not start. You can hear the fuel pump engage, but nothing else happens. No clicking, no starter engagement, nothing!
I checks all of the fuses, wire connections, etc. After being towed back to my trailer and hauling it home, I hooked it up to a battery charger and charged it all night.
I tried starting it this morning after charging the battery fully and still nothing!
So I dropped it off to the dealership today. I'm just curious if the noise that I heard could be related?
I'll post on here what the dealership tells me.

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